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I’m a Mama, Wife, Photographer, Storyteller, Teacher, Traveler, Feeler, Reader, Believer, and Lover of Life!  My goal as a photographer is to capture some of that life: everything from you and yours dressed up and all put together to the nitty-gritty beauty of childbirth.  I love catching a child’s laugh, a subtle smile between spouses, and other authentic moments that forever tell the story of your family.  

Before teaching a classroom of two and stepping behind the lens, I was up-front teaching high-school English, serving two congregations as Youth Minster, and delivering keynote addresses in eight different states.  The heart of all these occupations is the same:  people.  Learning someone’s story, his or her perspective, struggles, and gifts is my favorite part of walking this incredible planet. It’s also why I enjoy traveling.  My personal goal is to visit all seven continents. I currently have two left! 

However, my passport mostly collects dust these days as I focus on the travels of my one year-old from one end of the house to the other and my threeager’s adventures into all-things-messy.  Time with my kiddos can shift from pure wonder and delight to whining and dirty diapers in seconds, but it’s still my favorite gig of all! For this reason I guard this fleeting time and limit the number of sessions I book every month. 

My husband’s job transplanted us from my native Oklahoma to the Festus/ St. Louis area in October of 2016.  So we spend a lot of time exploring our new hometown and state.  Luckily, visits “home” to OK mean I can continue to capture images of friends and family there as well.  

I can’t remember a time I didn’t carry a camera and have been honing my craft since I was a teenager.  Over the last few years, I’ve been blessed by the opportunity to attend professional photography classes, national workshops, and the incredible knowledge of two mentoring photographers.  I love learning and continue to take advantage of educational opportunities and collaborating with other professional photographers.      

Now what about you?  I can’t wait to get to know you and your story!